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Company background

“Create a better life with glass film”

With this motto in mind, we have been handling glass films since starting our business in 1976. We are proud to have achieved the ISO 9001 certification. In addition, our president, Mr. Aoki, has contributed to the foundation of several associations in Japan’s glass film industry and acts as the committee of JIS standard for architectural building glass film. We continue to expand our business and answer the various needs of customers.

One of our business achievements is having our glass films applied to the trains of Japan’s national railways, JR West & JR Tokai. With the need to prevent glass shattering due to falling rocks and other potential accidents, our “glass cover films” are applied to most of the trains. The “glass cover film” was developed together with our manufacturer and can be applied from the outside.

We are also proud to share that we provide glass films to the automobile industry as well and hold the top share in Japan.

In a world with increasing environmental consciousness, our company’s eco-film, with its superior efficiency to block heat, has become an indispensable architectural material to suppress the emission of CO2.

Company Profile

President/CEO Katsumasa Aoki
Head Office 3895 Nogawa, Takatsuku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa, 213-0027, Japan
Tel: +81-44-788-3377 Fax: +81-44-788-6440
Yokohama office (branch) 15-3 Fujimigaoka, Tsuzukiku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa, 224-0052, Japan
Tachikawa office (branch) 3-35-6 Akebonocho, Tachikawa City, Tokyo, 190-0013, Japan
Established November 1976
Capital 10M Yen
No. of Employees (consolidated) 20
Major Products Film for Construction / Car Films / Car Wash operation

High transparency & superior heat-reduction film X-3

Eco Film X-3 is a window film based on the coating on the surface of plasma televisions to control heat and electromagnetic wave.
Developed based on Sputter Co’s film, this window film has multi-layer film on the surface to reflect and shut out heat.

The thin metal layer reflects specific wavelengths (infrared), and as the result, reduces temperature rise in the summer. Because of its reflective property, temperature increase due to radiant heat can be minimized. Visible light can still pass through the film, so it will not increase electricity costs in lighting usage. In the winter, the film reflects the heat indoor, so heat cannot escape. Film X-3 can shut out heat from the outside and retain heat on the inside, this opposite characteristic is well-balanced to provide a better and more comfortable life for you!

  • – Visible light transmittance rate of 74%; highly transparent film
  • – Reduces 87% of infrared light. In the summer, it will reduce strong solar radiation and increase air conditioning efficiency. In the winter, it retains indoor heat and improves heater efficiency.
  • – UV-reduction of up to 99%. UV is one of the reasons for aging spots and freckles.
  • – Because of its reflective property, it has a low rate of heat absorption. In most cases, it can be applied even to wire-reinforced glasses. It can also prevent glass shattering during earthquake and other disasters.
  • – Prevents harmful electromagnetic wave and information leakage
  • – It will not block mobile phone waves.

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