Heat-insulating Film


Reduce 90% of heat and lead a more comfortable eco-friendly life

UV rays, visible light, thermal energy and the likes emitted from the sun heats up your room causing unnecessary burden on your skin which may have negative effects. By applying heat-insulating film to your windows, your air-conditioner performance improves, reduces the amount of electricity used, saves your energy bills, and mitigates global warming effects. At Soushow, we provide heat-insulating films that shut out 90% of the heat providing a more comfortable living space for our customers.

Cons of traditional heat-insulating films

Heat-insulating films typically give the impression of reflective films on high-rise buildings. These films typically bounce heat off the building and block about 75% of heat. However, the reflective properties also reflect light off the buildings causing nuisance to the surrounding and works to the detriment of the appearance of the buildings. As they are also typically tinted, visible light is blocked out making the interior space dark.

Eco X-3 Film: High-performance heat-insulating film created through the adaptation of technology in other fields

The Eco X-3 film was created from the expertise on the high performing heat-insulating film used in plasma TVs at Asahi Glass’ display glass division. Since its test marketing in 2007, needs due to natural disasters and others have grown leading to its widespread use. Apart from its heat-insulating properties, it also shuts out electromagnetic waves and is breakthrough product great for maintaining a comfortable interior living space in both summer and winter.

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