President Message

Taking Pride in Safeguarding Lives President & Representative Director Hideyasu Aoki

Soushow Co., Ltd. was born as a company that dealt with the import, installation and sales of window films from the USA.
During a time when nobody knew much about films, the founders of Soushow worked hard to proliferate its popularity. The fact that it managed to survive those times and grow as a business to what it is today is to the credit of all the wonderful encounters we were blessed with. And for that, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude.

Safeguarding lives

The films and glass we handle are packed with several types of functionalities. These include scatter-proof, heat-shielding, UV-blocking, EM-wave shut-out, security, explosion-proof, insect-repellent, privacy, decoration, etc.
Among the several functionalities, Soushow has always placed special importance in the protection and safeguarding of lives. We take pride in our direct role in ensuring the safety of properties and lives.
Whenever I hear such news as tornadoes and typhoons shattering windows, and public transportation windows breaking suddenly, it pains me as I know that these casualties could’ve been avoided if films had been installed.

Love and passion toward films

Our first President, Katsumasa Aoki, is a person who boldly proclaims that no one loves films more than he does. With that passion, he has managed to rope in numerous people to bring each new product to the market.
In order for Soushow to recommend to our customers optimal solutions to meet their individual needs, the staff at Soushow will work together to improve our skills and product knowledge, and even conceive of new products to introduce to the market.

President Hideyasu Aoki’s Profile

Born August 17, 1982
Komazawa University Economics Graduate
Studied abroad at National University of Singapore for 2 years
Studied abroad at Shanghai Fudan University for 1 year
Joined Soushow as Director in 2006
Promoted to Vice President in 2010
Promoted to President in 2016