Our Staff

Takashi Fukushima




I joined because I fell in love with Soushow

When I met the president and saw his passion toward glass window films, as well as his supportive wife who is also the senior managing director, I was drawn by their pleasant demeanor and wanted to do something for them. It was this love that made me decide to join Soushow.

Our president is a very positive person. He spares no effort in improving the glass film industry and has contributed greatly to the prosperity of the industry. Every employee is full of vigor, works hard and has fun. The knowledge and people that Soushow has cultivated through the years can be said to be top of the class. This is what the president and Soushow made me feel. I will continue to do my best to contribute to Soushow in whatever way I can.

It’s still too early to retire

The market for automobile repair has been on the decline with advancement in vehicle functionality, new traffic regulations, and drop in car ownership. However, the amount of damaged glasses has not shown dramatic changes which can be said to be a market of the industry’s stability. This also means there will be new entrants to the industry. In order to meet this challenge, we continually strengthen our organizational structure, show our utmost sincerity to our customers and provide the best hospitality we can offer.

For a company to withstand recession, it is imperative to reinforce its system. When a company is too kind to its employees, the staff may become complacent. This complacency is detrimental to the company regardless of how good the product, knowledge and people are. To avoid this from happening, it is necessary to have a company that runs like a company.

Time has flown by since I joined Soushow and I have nothing but gratitude for the company. I strongly believe that Soushow will become a great company and to realize that, I will continue to work for Soushow even after retirement.

Yukiyoshi Mochida


Joined in March 2004
In charge of sales for architectural building films, new product development, public relations, etc.
Baseball pitcher 10 years
Certified level 2 architect
Certified level 1 building film technician


The president was my idol

After graduating from university, I worked at a Japanese clothing manufacturer. I had been friends with the president’s elder son, Norio, since my junior high school days and participated in the president’s lectures on films a number of times. Gradually, I was moved by his passion toward glass films and wanted to be like him. I decided to work under him and joined Soushow.

“Mochida-style” service

In order to meet the needs and expectations of the clients, I constantly try to visualize what they are thinking. I think about what I would feel if I were the client and gradually developed my own “Mochida psychology!” (laughs)

Whenever my suggestions meet the clients’ needs, I would do a fist pump and celebrate. Both my certifications in architecture and building film are part of my efforts to provide better service to our clients. Even when I’m not at the office, I constantly think about the company and our clients. I’m mesmerized by Soushow. Soushow is changed my life.

Soushow: where glass films began!

Soushow has many strengths including film knowledge, product development, and ownership of patents. We aim to be the leader in the film industry and for people to call us “the source of where glass films began.” For that to happen, we constantly provide the best products and the best services to our clients. At the same time, we will continue to contribute to the glass films industry. I am proud to be a member of Soushow and will do my utmost to propel the company further.

Communicating through blog

To communicate directly with clients, we set up a blog to provide more information on glass films. The blog includes news on the latest products, application works, and other thoughts. Please feel free to take a look at our blog at the link below. We believe what little information we can provide is useful to everyone.



Joined in 2002
In charge of car glass replacements and quotation requests through our website


On Soushow

Soushow is the best place for a car lover like me. Time has gone pass very quickly since I joined the company. It’s hard to imagine how I was so worried about whether I could get along with the senior staff members then, and suddenly I’m a senior member myself now. In order to become a respectable senior to new members, I am strict with myself. For example, I set a daily sales goal and work toward achieving that.

I look forward to work everyday. Having free time to spare at work is agonizing for me. I guess you can say that changing glasses and applying glass films have become a hobby for me.

On my work

On glass replacement work, I always make sure I arrive at the agreed time. Keeping promises to our clients is the most basic rule we should abide by.
Once, when the client told me, “you are our exclusive glass replacement technician!” I was so moved, my body literally started shaking, and like a child, I was really happy the whole day. Being trusted and relied on is such a wonderful feeling! Apart from actual glass replacement, I am also in charge of responding to quotation requests and I do my best to check and reply to our clients in the quickest and the most timely manner.

As a professional technician, I put in extra effort to convey the most accurate information to our clients in the simplest way possible. Please feel free to request a quotation! If you’re not sure whether or not to do it, just do it! (Go ahead and change your glass!) Timing is also very important.

Hideyasu Aoki


Joined in 2006
Current Vice-President
Also in charge of public relations


Soushow’s value

I love Soushow! It might’ve been my family’s influence but I had been in love with Soushow since I was born. Soushow provides many car-related services from glass replacements, car films, polymer, to car wash. In Japan, there’s this saying that goes “Ramen shops with many dishes are usually not popular.” However, Soushow places emphasis on value adding. It’s like, on top of having the chef’s specialty ramen, you also get to enjoy classy French dessert.

Soushow is a one-stop service where all your car issues can be resolved. What’s more, the product quality and service we provide is as good as those of specialist shops, if not better! All your issues can be resolved if you come here! Using various services together makes it cheaper and is kind on family finances, too!

Soushow has many officially certified veterans. I, myself, am a certified level 1 film technician. Getting certified is not for our own good, but for our customers. Our customers can feel more at ease knowing that we are qualified professionals. Even if our staff member is much more experienced and skillful than required by the certifications, we encourage them to get certified. This is to say, getting certified is to value add to our service. Our actual skill levels are definitely above those required by the certifications. It is Soushow’s aim to be a trustworthy partner to our customers.

My value

When I first joined the company, a mistake due to my inexperience angered a client. I remember that event till today. Since then, I constantly remind myself to be careful to not commit the same mistake again. To increase my value, I put in the effort to study and obtain professional knowledge about glasses and films, put myself in the customers’ shoes and managed to provide better service than before. In the end, the same customer came to me and said, “you are very diligent! Thank you!” That made my day. I did what I had to do and more for the client. That should give me some right to brag about it. Nevertheless, I believe there’s still a long way for me to go, and I will continue to polish up my skills.

The most important thing is to be responsible for what you agreed to take on and set out to achieve that by polishing up your skills. My goal is to be a reliable person to our clients.

Our value hereafter

There are more things we can offer than just replacing car glass and applying glass films. For example, setting up a convenience store for car washing tools, and making the walls around the car washing area as stylish as IKEA’s to create a better car washing environment for car owners. It is not enough to just provide a place for car owners to wash and repair their precious rides, but to also provide a space that is friendly, welcoming, and relaxing.

The president started Soushow from scratch. And I am not just someone who keep things as they are. I will work to double, triple, or quadruple what we have now. With the skills, experience and knowledge of the senior members, I will put in as much effort as a founder and work to make Soushow even better.

10 years from now, I hope to hear our customers say, “you’ve done a great job with Soushow!” I’ve said it and I will do it!

Kaori Ito


In charge of Soushow’s administrative work


About Soushow

Soushow does not deal with sketchy products. The quality of products and the staff’s technical skills are top of the class. I was surprised when I realized that I am working with so many wonderful products.

When I first came for an interview at Soushow, it was merely because the company is near where I live. However, when I started working here, it was as though I was exposed to a new world I had never seen. I find it a pity that many people still do not know about the great products available and want to convey this to as many people as possible.

About myself

I am a car owner myself but as I’ve never had my windshield crack, it’s hard to say I completely understand how our customers feel. I actually wish to experience once the shock of having a glass crack myself so as to better understand our customers’ feelings. With that experience, I would be better able to know what clients want, whether a better, stronger glass is appropriate for each of their situations, and communicate that effectively. At the moment, the best I can do is to try to put myself in their shoes and provide the best advice I can offer.

Soushow in 10 years

There still isn’t enough familiarity with environmentally friendly products among the general public. When we talk about glass replacement, most people will not think of replacing it with heat-reduction or UV-reduction glasses.

With the popularity of eco-friendly products, more people will consider replacing their glasses with eco-friendly glasses. I believe that in 10 years’ time, it would be axiomatic to say replacing car glass means replacing it with an eco-friendly one.

10 years later, everyone will know about Soushow, and Soushow will become a company that provides eco-friendly products, and spreads eco-friendly ways of thinking to even more people!

To our clients

Taking into account our clients’ points of view, I will do my best to respond to quotation requests and other questions in a timely manner. In response to these inquiries, instead of simply replying with prices, I will offer detailed explanations to why reparations are necessary, why a certain type of glass is better for them, and why a certain suggestion is made so as to have them feel assured with our services.

Please feel free to ask me if there’s anything you are concerned about, even if it’s not work related! (laughs)