Research & Development

Over 35 years of experience working for the betterment of the glass film industry. That is the strength of Soushow

The path to the development of SSP1218 security film

Over 35 years ago when Soushow was first established, not many people knew about window films. However, our President, Katsumasa Aoki, firmly believed that safety films are extremely beneficial to earthquake-prone Japan. With that belief, he headed down to the neighborhood association where people gathered to explain how films can protect homes and families from injuries and burglaries.

At that time, films were only manufactured in the USA and the types were limited to anti-scattering and privacy films only. When we spoke with our clients, many asked if we had security films.

Thanks to these customers, we began to notice the demand for security films. While many people told us that security films will not do well in a safe nation as Japan, we stuck with our belief, negotiated with local manufacturers and created the SSP1218 security film. It is thicker than traditional films and outperforms other films in penetration resistance.

As awareness of crime prevention grew, home owners, banks, and government offices began using the film and were impressed with its performance.

Development of “Glass Cover Sheet” to shield glass surfaces on bullet trains

When high-speed trains head into tunnels, parts of concrete tunnels chip off from the air pressure, hitting train windows and cause cracks. The need to protect train windshields and windows grew as accidents increased. To meet this need, we developed the “Glass Cover Sheet” which, unlike traditional films, is applied to the outside of the glass.

With trains traveling in excess of 200 kmh, several manufacturers turned down our proposal due to the potential problems that can occur if films peel off during movement. Nevertheless, our president pushed on and, with his passion, moved one manufacturer to develop this film for trains. Currently, the film is being used on regular trains, bullet trains, as well as race cars.

Working with university research labs and manufacturers

This is the era of environmental protection and energy efficiency and heat insulating films are expected to grow in demand. And Asahi Glass Company’s X3 film is the answer to this demand. Traditional heat-reduction films are typically reflective mirror types that bounces heat off. The revolutionary X3 is, however, transparent.

In order to reach out to more customers, we are working with university research labs and manufacturers to test film capabilities. Orders for the film have increased since the Great East Japan Earthquake created the need for energy saving.